My mother-in-law would say, "Oh my, oh my."  And I find myself saying the same thing, as I read and re-read this fabulous scrapbook!  I'm a scrap-booker myself, and I know what went into this.

Thank you, Nanci, for so stealthfully organizing everyone's pictures and stories, and for presenting me with the best gift ever.  What a great surprise!  Thank you for all the work you did to create this amazing retirement present!



Marlborough, MA


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​I was blown away.  I handed Nanci a plastic bag full of pictures, certificates and newspaper articles.  She handed back to me a beautiful bound book with my life experiences organized and documented.  And it was embellished with decorative accents, no less!

I can pass this on to my sons and grandchildren to give them a better sense of my life, and to help them know me a little better.  I appreciate this more than you know.  Thank you, Nanci!


​Winchendon, MA

Nanci Bell is not just an organizer. She is, well, a magician.

Nanci performed magic on two shopping bags filled with photographs of events of the last twenty-one years.  She transformed these bags into an organized family treasure trove of memories.  Nanci categorized, labeled, and filled seven photo albums in such a short time!

As they say in a credit card advertisement: "Priceless!"


Wellesley, MA